Thursday, 3 April 2014

Controverssue: The Rise of the Flogger (Facebook Blogger)

Controverssue is an awesome (!) word to describe a controversial (in blog terms) issue

-Flogger (n) Someone who goads you into buying something, usually illegal or of little value

-Flogger (n) A "blogger" who has ammassed a huge number of followers by hosting giveaways and posting pinterest-type pictures on their Facebook page, barely writing any posts (any of which are positive reviews of products they've been sent) yet calling themselves a blogger.

So this may be a bit controversial but it is something which has both puzzled and irked me for some time. This post does not intend to point the finger at any one person, I'm sure everyone who has a blog does it in their own way and that it would be boring if everyone took the same route. I could be completely wrong with what I will say here, or maybe its just jealousy (and I will fully admit that part of it is), or maybe you agree with me - either way it is a subject that I find intriguing and one I would love to discuss...
Recently I have noticed a new trend of Facebook pages for "bloggers" being set up. These pages all have the same format: a girl posts pictures that are found on pinterest/tumblr/we heart it with a caption like "so true" or "love these shoes" and gets an enormous amounts of "likes" which in turn leads to them getting more followers. They also host regular giveaways providing you like and share their photos (another effort to become more well known and amass more coveted "likers").

Is there a problem with this? No, but it is something that annoys me for a number of reasons:

Firstly these girls don't seem to blog much, if anything. They appear to exist solely as a middle man between pinterest and the general public.
Posting pictures of fashion and accessories without accrediation infringes on the people who actually put the time and effort into picking out the clothes and taking the pictures in the first place. It can also make it seem like it is the bloggers' own style/work when for example only a pair of shoes is shown being worn  - this is taking credit for another persons work by not stating where the picture is from.
Any blogs or Facebook posts they do write seem to be glowing reviews of products they have been sent, sometimes without mentioning that they received the product for free.
They host multiple competitions which you can only win if you like, share and comment on their photos and probably name your firstborn after them just to have a chance at winning.
It takes away the recognition of the huge amount of work other beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers do writing honest reviews (I don't include myself in this obviously given that I don't post regularly and my blog isn't exactly one of the best out there).

Look I can copy and paste pictures too! - took me all of 30 seconds!

It is a different thing entirely to have a Facebook page to go along with a blog- this is just a good way to stay in touch with people who read your blog and gain other followers interested in your actual opinions as opposed to just being interested in winning a competition. Also of course bloggers will also post pictures from pinterest or tumblr on their facebook but the difference is in the ratio of the amount of pictures of other peoples' work to their own work - floggers seem to have much more posts featuring someone else's work without accreditation than their own work.
Is this just jealousy talking? Perhaps a little - these floggers gather a huge number of followers in a very short amount of time, a number that I wouldn't dare to dream of ever garnering. They get sent lots of free products and get invited to press releases. They seem to be able to do this with very little work (at least from my perspective).

Maybe most people enjoy these type of pages and I am in a minority and the obvious solution is not to "like" these pages and just let them get on with it but I did want to write my opinion and maybe get other peoples perspectives on this type of "blogger".

Is this a new direction you think blogs should take? Do you like seeing pinterest-y pictures on your timeline? Do you think I'm just jealous? Let me know down in the comments - I'd love to hear your thoughts....


  1. A woman after my own heart. I've been thinking the same thing for a very long time! I've never been a fan of those pages. It's an easy way to gain traction yeah, but only on Facebook. I'd rather have a few people who read my posts every so often rather than a large number of people who could care less about what I say and are just there because I posted a picture of shoes.

    I hate the uncredited sharing of photos - I'd hate if my own photo was being spread around with no credit paid to the work I put in. What strikes me about so many of these accounts is that they're so unoriginal! An instagram snap from your own day is far more interesting than a picture from Pinterest that's been shared 1,00000000 times.

    Ugh, I could go on for forever - I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! xXx

    1. What gets me are the pictures of "inspirational" quotes...I really hate them, they're so corny!!

  2. I'm going to admit, I really like seeing nice pictures coming up on my timeline - but I completely agree with your post!! I definitely don't think its jealousy talking - a lot of people put so much hard work into their blogs, taking original photos, really making an effort with original content, and it can be so difficult for them to get any sort of exposure! I think the main thing that gets me about the whole Facebook "blogging" thing is that fact that they mainly (or in some cases 100%) use other peoples content... I've seen some makeup artists get a little bit annoyed before that those type of pages were using their work without credit! Although I do agree that bloggers using Facebook to connect with their followers is different - sometimes funny/nice pictures can enhance that kind of page. Great post & interesting read! xx

    1. Thank you! To be fair I like seeing nice pictures on my timeline too, I just don't like seeing loads of them. Its pretty lousy on the make up artists etc, good point!

  3. I kind of get where you're coming from but as a digital marketer "by trade" I would find any twitter account or facebook page that only had links to the latest blog post to be the absolute pits. Your efforts to engage with your audience is actually more important than your product these days. in this case the product is your blog which people will read if something cathes their eye, but they'll read it more often if you are sharing other more instant content that they relate to. It builds personality and as long as its relevant to the blog (I'll post unusal/alternative looks or stuff i find about music) its basically just good marketing.

    Just because it's simple doesn't mean you should turn your nose up at it because actually, if the bloggers are sourcing relevant content and scheduling it at relevant times they are likely to be putting a lot of work into it. A LOT of work.


    1. Thanks for commenting; I love reading different points of view! Maybe they are doing a lot of work behind the scenes and it just seems like they're not to me because I don't know enough about it. I still kinda feel like it takes very little work to find, copy and paste a picture from a pinterest board but maybe they're putting more thought into it than just getting a picture of shoes or pretty make up look...

  4. I'm not actually on Facebook so I'm not really aware of this but it sounds like a cop out!!

    1. Omg how are you not on fb?! I am completely addicted, I'd prob be better off if I wasn't on it actually...


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