Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Viviscal Hair Growth Programme Poetry Corner

Growing up my hair was the only part of my physical appearance I liked - it was always quite shiny, easy to manage, well conditioned etc. About two years ago I self-ombred my hair and it worked out pretty well - my hair did get a bit dry afterwards of course but I made sure to give it lots of TLC and attention and it was doing ok. Then last September I decided to do a home perm. I had always wanted curly hair due to an obsession with Shirley Temple from the age of 6 which resulted in me curling it most nights in sponge rollers before I went to sleep. I was due to be going on holidays and I knew the sponge roller curls wouldn't last after swimming etc so I decided a perm was the way to go. I got a kit it Boots which said it was for colour treated hair and applied it. I rinsed it out and got the biggest fright of my life when my hair literally crumpled away in my hands, about 4 inches disintegrated away. Obviously I cut away any damaged areas but what had been "mermaid hair" (hair that flows down beneath your bust) was now a horrible choppy bob! I was distraught!

I tried for months to get the ends to a proper condition (they still aren't) and prayed every night to the hair gods to make my hair grow so I could restore it to its former state. In December I went a bloggers meetup in Cork organized by the lovely Marian of High Life of Mars and in the goody bags was a beautiful cerise and white box of Viviscal! I had heard of Viviscal before, I knew Laura from Fitz n Bitz did a review on it and I was so excited to see it lying in wait for me in my goody bag, a present from the hair gods themselves after months of unanswered prayers! The box contained 60 tablets which you are meant to take twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) so that one box lasts for one month - however I decided to be different and take one a day as it would mean I would be using Viviscal for longer. The tablets are small enough - about the size of 1 cent and are easy to swallow which is super important for me as I only mastered the art of swallowing tablets when I was about 16 and can't take anything too big (there's a joke in there somewhere but I ain't making it!)

So it's been 45 days since I started using them - have I noticed a difference in hair growth? Holy Moly Yes!! My hair has grown about 1.5 inches (I didn't measure it when I started taking them unfortunately so I only have estimates). I am so so impressed with these. Unfortunately they are well out of my budget to go buy another box but if you do have a bit of disposable income I definitely recommend these - I would totally buy a lifetime supply if I could. I'll be very sorry to say goodbye to these in 15 days when I finish off my supply but I am so grateful for the boost it has provided my hair. I'll still pray to the hair gods and maybe one day if I sacrifice an Autumn harvest or something and they may bless me with another box and I will be able to have my mermaid hair again,
til then chums I'm gonna write a poem about Viviscal to appease my hair overlords...

Sarah Sarah, quite contrarah
How does your ha-ir grow?
With hair-god prayers and conditionairs       ((spelled the way it needs to be pronounced))
And Viviscal tabs all in a row

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  1. I only tried it for a month, but im so bad with tablets and get very inconsistent. Must give it another go x


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