Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wet n Wild mini haul

There are some things that can be said with absolute certainty:
1. The Earth is round.
2. There is no substitute for a pair of Tweezermans.
3. Every Irish make up enthusiast has been stalking their local Dunnes Stores, waiting for the delivery of Wet n Wild products for the past two weeks.

Anyone who is interested in make up will have heard the news that Wet n Wild would be coming to lil ol Ireland all the way from the United States! The brand who are widely celebrated due to their product quality and low low (seriously low) prices hit bigger Dunnes Stores last week and are making their way out to smaller ones. Twitter was full of bloggers posting pics of Wet n Wild stands found across the country and everyone made their wishlists so that they could be prepared when the delivery trucks came to their Dunnes.

I found my own Wet n Wild Stand in Dunnes in Douglas Court SC on Monday - fully stocked and everything!

I picked up a few things from the stand (being a blogger I couldn't resist but I had to rein myself in to check out other bloggers reviews before filling my basket). 

First up is Wet n Wild bronzer in "Reserve Your Cabana". This is a super light powder and may be more of a highlighter than a bronzer. It is buttery smooth and comes in a huge 13 gram container! This was the most expensive item at €4.99 but is still very cheap, especially for the amount of product you get!
Reserve Your Cabana

Next I bought a Megaslick Balm Stain in "Rico Mauve". This is a "moisturising lip colour" which does exactly what it says on the thin. It glides onto lips with the perfect amount of colour (visible but not as daring as a lipstick) and does feel quite nourishing on the lips. At €3.99 I will definitely be picking up more of these!

Rico Mauve

I bought two brow & eye liner pencils, one in "Taupe" and the other in "Mink Brown". These pencils are HUGE (1.4 grams) which is insane for €1.99 each. I can't imagine I'll need to repurchase these for a long long time. Performance wise they act like any pencil liner, they go on smoothly (not as smooth as others but there is absolutely no dragging, and they don't fully set leaving a little bit of wiggle room for smudging to get more of a worn in vibe.

T: Mink Brown
B: Taupe          
T: Mink Brown
B: Taupe          
T: Mink Brown
B: Taupe          

Lastly I purchased two Mega Last lip colours in "Red Velvet" and "Rose bud". These do drag a bit on application and feel quite drying however this can be expected with longwear products. "Rose bud" is a definite favourite of mine - a perfect natural lip colour that goes with everything - most definitely a handbag staple. These are €2.99 each which is an amazing price for a long-wearing lipstick. 
Red Velvet
Rose Bud

I am seriously impressed with my purchases and am so excited to see fellow bloggers reviews so I can pick up more products. Did you get anything from Wet n Wild yet? What is on your wishlist?