Sunday, 5 May 2013

NOTD: Essence "Hello Marshmallow"

Celebrating my time off work by painting my nails: decided to go for the springiest/summeriest colour I could find to help keep me smiling. Went for a very recent purchase: Essence "Hello Marshmallow". This is a gorgeous pastel lilac with the great formulation one expects of an Essence nail polish (because of the reputation and people's experiences) as this polish costs €1,79!!

Hello Marshmallow is on the right

What are some of your favouite summery nail polish shades?
Sarah xx


  1. I love this colour, my favourite shade at the moment is Essences sweet surprise!

  2. Oh love my pastel shades must check these out!

  3. My current summer fave is 'I love bad boys', a sort of island sea blue, with glitter highlights. It's a dupe for 'Island Sky' by Yardley.

    Have you noticed though, how easily essence nail polishes chip? Especially the glam nude range, which are absolutely perfect for work, or when you want to do your nails but don't want them to clash with your wardrobe or outings.

    Yes, I know it's highly recommended to wear a base and top coat when doing nails, but I don't always have the time. I'd LIKE for my nail polish to at least survive one day without chipping..


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