Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Met Gala 2013 Breakdown

Okay, so fashionista I am not, while I do love clothes and fashion I'm never exactly "out there" wearing trends to extremes or ages before they hit the high street like I guess truly fashionable people are. It's a bit ridiculous for me to criticize what people are wearing since I'm such a skirt, t-shirt and boots kinda girl but when I saw the pictures from the Met Gala I had to write something to get all the laughter out. Now my plan for this is that I'm going to be completely honest, and while I actually may even like some of the outfits/hair/make up I'm just going to write the first thing that comes into my head on them even if they actually are gorgeous or artistically beautiful, share the laughter I'm feeling :)

So here goes (in no particular order)
Kim how did you get my granny's curtains from the 70's??? I thought we burned them, even back then we knew they were awful!

A big fishnet underneath an advert for extra strong hairspray.
Shame on you Liam for letting her out like this!!
Sofia is having a duvet day clearly, someone must have just taken the duvet away for the photos. Note: Don't wear PJ''s to a ball no matter
how hungover you are!!
Headpiece looks like what the Roman soldiers used wear...
Look's like Anne sprayed her dress with bug spray to get that effect
(same thing happened to my friend's tights but at
 least her boyfriend at the time bought her
some new ones, no one was nice enough to buy Anne a new dress)
Love Elizabeth Banks but: fish going to a business meeting
Jacket: love; hairband: love; earrings: love. All together: you are going to have someone's eye out.
Woah how did they get Storm from x-men to come??
Someone clearly learnt how to tie-dye at camp last
summer! Also, weird  bird-eye eyeshadow
I could be missing the point but is Katy trying to
pretend that she is like the virgin Mary,
 a princess virgin Mary perhaps?!
OMG pretty sure my mom wore a dress like
this in the 70's and  Gwennie (aka  a pile of goop
if you replace "g" with a "p") just cut out a
part because the top of  her arms and chest
get sweaty boob rash if she keeps them covered...
The hair and dress and natural tan make J.Lo look like a
LITERAL chetah

This dress was actually designed by a 6 year
old who is obsessed with fairys and unicorns
Someone clearly had a tumble in the sheets with Midas before she came 
Authentic chainmail armor...
Actually dragged through a bush backwards - its how she
got those flowers on the sleeves!
Ke$ha 2.0
Nanananananananaa: BATMAN
In a contest for most Scottish:
They both lose.

If I wear a massive dress I'll look even skinnier! It's perfect!
WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??! Also clearly the same make up artist as Ginnifer Goodwin
I feel like this lady is quite eccentric anyway so lets
let her do her thing but clearly she
ripped her dress and took the first piece of
 fabric she could find to cover up the hole...
This is gorgeous but pull your sleeves up unless
you want to become the next Janet Jackson
Actually love this dress but I think it's make from a tablecloth
"I'm not like the character I play on girls, I can be totally wild!!". Also
the way the dress is arranged makes her look like Ursula
from The Little Mermaid
Huh?! Trying to channel Katniss Everdeen's "Girl on Fire" Look I guess, If Katniss was also a cowgirl...

                                           The Master. Cara does no wrong, ever.

So there you have it, have I missed out on anyone I should make fun of?! Do you disagree with me? Let me know!!


Sunday, 5 May 2013

NOTD: Essence "Hello Marshmallow"

Celebrating my time off work by painting my nails: decided to go for the springiest/summeriest colour I could find to help keep me smiling. Went for a very recent purchase: Essence "Hello Marshmallow". This is a gorgeous pastel lilac with the great formulation one expects of an Essence nail polish (because of the reputation and people's experiences) as this polish costs €1,79!!

Hello Marshmallow is on the right

What are some of your favouite summery nail polish shades?
Sarah xx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Essence Studio Nails Extra Moisturizing Nail Balm

My nails are a bit of a problem - they are always flaky and weak. While I know this is more of a nutrition issue I'm always on the hunt for quick fixes so one day I decided to try the Essence Studio Nails Extra Moisturizing Nail Balm. I can't remember how much it was but it was under €4.

Normally I love Essence anything but I was super disappointed by this product. I have been applying it for a few weeks now and have noticed no difference whatsoever, even immediately after applying my nails still look the exact same. The only good thing I can say about this product is that it has a nice enough smell....This blog post is super short because bad products = bad blogs - just wanted to warn the public not to waste their money!

Sarah xx